The good life at the sea | Klitmøller Denmark | Preben Skaarup Landscape

Image Credit | Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

The project in Klitmøller is part of a larger plan for ‘The good life at the sea’ in north Jutland. The plan includes projects for Klitmøller, Nørre Vorupør and Krik, all smaller coast and fjord cities. The projects are located at a place in Denmark where you can feel the nature and climate has great power. This has been the premises for inhabiting this place, and the connection to the sea has given the small cities their livelihood in form of fishing. Now the fishing industry is much decreased and the cities are now in a new era with focus on tourism.  One of the great new attractions is windsurfing, and the area is being called cold Hawaii, because of its excellent location for wind and waves.

Image Credit | Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

Klitmøller is the first project to be completed. The city is simple and appealing with characteristic white clear cut houses out to the sea and modest fisher boats in different colors lying on the beach. In this project the focus has been on establishing good facilities along the coast and access to the beach and sea.

Image Credit | Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

The projects consists of three elements, the tribune to the west, the ramp to the east and in between the two a promenade that connects the sea to the city.

Image Credit | Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

The tribune works as a large seating area that is connected to a ramp. On the tribune you can find your own little spot to sit and admire the surfers or take a rest after a hard ‘fight’ on the sea. The tribune functions not only as a seating area but also as a coastal protection. In connection to the tribune the surf- and multi house called Hummerhuset is located; the house contains facilities for the surfers, bird watchers and functions as a logical meeting point. On top of the house there is a large terrace, and from here you can get at great view over the sea, the tribune and the promenade.
On the ramp, to the east, you get a great connection to the beach both for pedestrians, disabled and cars with boats. On the edges of the ramp large wooden logs works as fencing and seating and gives a clear boundary to the ramp.  In connecting to the ramp elements for skaters are built in, so that seating and edges can be transformed to a skater paradise.

Preben Skaarup Landscape

The promenade connects the two attraction point, and along the promenade benches, special maritime lightpoles and stairs to the beach are the main features. Halfway on the promenade a fishing boat is located; you can visit the boat and feel like a captain. In connection to the promenade there are small parking areas.

 The good life at the sea | Klitmøller Denmark | Preben Skaarup Landscape

Client:              The municipality of Thisted in collaboration with Realdania

Location:                     Klitmøller, north Jutland, Denmark

Area:                5.700 m2

Design period:             2009-2010

Construction period:    2011

Completion time:         2011

Design:                        Preben Skaarup Landscape

Building design:           Force4

Project team:                       Preben Skaarup, Michael Hammelsvang Jørgensen, Mogens Dueholm, Jan Nielsen og Karen Marie Fisker Langkjer

Winning awards           1. Prize in parallel competition

Photos:             Preben Skaarup Landskab and Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

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