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Yang Zhong is a group of island town in the Yangtze River, which is composed of four main islands.The city has a memorable history during the civil war. It was famous for the Yangtze River Crossing Campaign which was particularly significant impact during that time.With this significant part of history the local government proceed to improve the current abandoned dock as a commemorative Yangtze River Crossing Campaign theme park. Lead by Guangdong ZhongJian Design Company Limited, The Ferry Culture Park was designed and built for the town of Yangzhong commemorating the efforts done by the people for the country.



The Ferry Culture Park is located at XingBa town, city of Yang Zhong, Jiangsu Province. The site is designated as an ecological landscape zone by the local government planning office and situated inside the original site of the historic “Lan Gan Qiao Ferry Station” (栏杆桥渡口). It covers an area of approximately 165,000 sq. m..Re-use and renovation of old wharf buildings inside the project is on the way.


The design concept evolved around the local historical events that played significant role during the civil war. It showcases local military history to encourage patriotism through awareness in a leisure and recreational environment.The project provides waterfront recreation with informative local history. The project aims to bring out the people’s interest in cultural patriotism.

The project has designated three zones. First is the Ecological and Leisure Zone providing activity areas for children and family. Second is the Culture and History Zone that serves as an information node for all generations to experience and understand the historical value of the site and the town. Third is the Military Zone which provides entertainment for physical training and skills activity.

The Main Entry Plaza
The main entry plaza features a sculptural piece “Wo Song Qin Ren Guo Da Jiang” (我送亲人过大江) that represents the historical river crossing. The plaza provides activity spaces, tourism information building, and a viewing platform towards the river and access paths radiating towards other features of the whole project site.


The Landscape Paths and Corridors
The Landscape paths and corridors were provided with ample space for pedestrians and landscape features to interact. A creative visual aid, such as signage for direction and information were provided as an attraction. Planting variations were used to create contrast and sense of volume and space. The Ferry Culture Park was opened in July 2014 for the public and received by the local as informative and culturally encouraging.






The Ferry Culture Park
Project Location | XinBa Town, Yangzhong City, Jiangsu, China
Design Firm | Guangdong ZhongJian Design Company Limited
Planning Designer | Chen, Nanjiang (陈南江) / Bao, Xiaoli (鲍小莉) / He, Yaya (何娅娅)
Landscape Design | Guangdong ZhongJian Design Company Limited
Architect | Guangdong ZhongJian Design Company Limited
Text by | Liu, Pei(刘佩) / Xiao, Shuangyu (萧双雨) / Roberto Fortaleza,Jr.
Photographs by | Guangdong ZhongJian Design Company Limited

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