The Environmental Modeling Lab to Host “Instruments of Change” February 15-18

To help launch the EMLab and continue the McHarg Center’s commitment to the public, transdisciplinary scholarship, Instruments of Change will bring scientists, technologists, ecologists, designers, and others together around questions of environmental data, landscape, and climate change.

A great deal of knowledge about our environments and landscapes is learned via instruments that detect what is otherwise imperceptible to human senses. Remote sensing, sensors, and image interpretation give rise to particular ways of seeing landscapes, thereby conditioning our design responses; yet the practices by which environmental data are collected and codified remain largely unexplored as part of the creative process in landscape architectural practice.

The Online Event series is hosted by the Environmental Modeling Lab (EMLab) through the Ian L. McHarg Center for Urbanism and Ecology in the Stuart Weitzman School of Design. For more details, please visit the EMLab’s event page:

Sensed Landscapes (Mapping Change)

Feb 15, 11-1:30 pm EST

This session examines the use of both ground-based sensors, and aerial and satellite-gathered imagery for mapping landscape change.

Speakers: Jennifer Gabrys, Victoria J. Marshall, Karen M’Closkey, and Sarah Williams

Moderators: Robert Pietrusko and Keith VanDerSys

Simulated Landscapes (Modeling Change)

Feb 17, 11-1:30pm EST

This session explores different types of models that are used to simulate material behavior for both form generation as well as forecasting change.

Speakers:John E. Fernández, Ilmar Hurkxkens, Fatemeh Nasrollahi, and Robert Pietrusko

Moderators: Bradley Cantrell and Karen M’Closkey

Experimental Landscapes (Monitoring Change)

Feb 18, 11-1:30 pm EST

In addition to the previous sessions’ emphasis on mapping and modeling, this session considers place-based experiments that directly manipulate landscape material.

Speakers: Sean Burkholder, Monica Chasten, Iryna Dronova, and Brett Milligan

Moderators: Anya Domlesky and Keith VanDerSys

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