The City of Pisa Award for Urban Quality of the Pisa Biennial 2019 goes to Andreas Kipar

Andreas Kipar, landscape architect and co-founder of the international studio LAND (Milan, Lugano and Düsseldorf) received the City of Pisa Award for Urban Quality at Pisa Biennale 2019.

The award is part of the reflection on the relationship between city and nature and on issues related to water that inspired the edition “Timeofwater” of the architectural review curated by Alfonso Femia.
“The satisfaction for this recognition – commented Kipar at the award ceremony on December 1st – lies in its symbolic importance: the fact that we recognize the value of urban quality and care for the territory is a sign of the growing attention to the relationship between man and nature; we are witnessing a paradigm shift in the way of conceiving and living the city, in which Nature enters as a fundamental theme. The challenge is to ‘cultivate’ the city of the future, to accompany the transformation of the Ideal City into the Ideal Landscape”.

At the Pisa Biennial LAND presented a reflection on “Water based cities” developed on design work in three cities: Milan, whose plot includes water as a vector of naturalness and sociality, in which the Portello Park is inserted as an example of social and natural requalification and reactivation; Genoa, a Mediterranean metropolis characterized by a peculiar duality of landscape and visible and invisible water management, in which the landscape intervention of the Gavoglio Park strengthens the element of resilience; and Essen, which with the application of the “Green Rays” model, exported from Milan, becomes the European capital of greenery, with Krupp Park as an innovative method of water management and landscape regeneration.

The approach to the concept of water – now more than ever debated, highlighted in the Italian and international urban agendas – in these three proposals is in the sense of its enhancement as a crucial resource for sustainable development.


“Landscape architecture begins with the ‘body,’ which is the soil, and the ‘soul’, which is water – explains Kipar – This soul is what activates public space and what conveys nature in our besieged by short-sighted urbanization”.

The experience of the Water based cities is an opportunity to reflect on an architecture capable of responding to the urgent needs of Italy and of establishing a dialogue with the world.

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