Former Indonesian President hopes for better urban planning

October 14, 2009,AEST

According to the Jakarta Post, the former president of Indonesia BJ Habibie came out yesterday suggesting that urban planning laws were not enough and that urban planning requires better implementation. The Jakarta Post reported that Habibie said “Don’t assume that | Read More

U Va. students to map green spaces

August 27, 2009,AEST

A group of students from the University of Virginia School of Architecture will be mapping green spaces in Strauton to decide how to manage and restore the spaces. The class dubbed Greens Lands is sponsored by the Urban and Community | Read More

NY has new green space why can’t Toronto?

August 17, 2009,AEST

Vanessa Farquharson of the National Post(Canada) has written an article asking why can’t Toronto get new green space like New York. The article cites the Highline in New York as an amazing new green space in New York and looks | Read More

Citygarden opens in St.Louis

July 12, 2009,AEST

Flickr Image: Stannate Citygarden is a new park with a twist in St.Louis, unlike other parks it’s not just a green and lush landscape, it  incorporates art with the landscape.  A landscape that features fountains and pools, a waterfall, places to | Read More

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