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Pulsivity People Shared Path Raised Bikeway Pedestrians Concept Render Perspective
Pulsivity Plan Concept Raised Bikeway
Pulsivity Plan Concept Raised Bikeway

“Pulsivity” aims to develop work, engagement, and flow for the arts community comprised of Thomas Square Park, Honolulu, Hawaii and numerous performing arts, convention complexes, and commercial businesses. The name “Pulsivity” stems from the word pulse which we used to detect our heartbeat. Our pulse consists of the successive throb of the arteries and is essential in all living things. The significance of how our pulse keeps us alive inspires our design to propel work and engagement throughout the community art hubs.

Pulsivity - Concept People Yoga Render Perspective
Pulsivity - Concept People Render

After further detailed analysis of Thomas Square, we wanted to strengthen the connectivity between Straub’s Hospital, nearby Honolulu Museum of Art, and commercial businesses by redefining the park’s space to accommodate multi-uses. Such design accommodations include senior gathering, a cultural and educational art center, children’s playground, complete streets, and an elevated bike path. This space can be utilized to develop health and volunteering programs for seniors and high school students. Furthermore, creating farmer’s markets, and various outdoor events encourages more usage of the park on a regular basis.

Pulsivity - Plaza People Market Render Perspective
Pulsivity Raised Bikeway Concept Render Perspective
Pulsivity Raised Bikeway
Pulsivity Raised Bikeway Concept Render Perspective

The elevated bike path will wrap around the park’s iconic banyan trees and diffuse into Neal S. Blaisdell Center and the rest of Kaka’ako along with complete streets to provide a safe and fun inter-modal experience for the users. This productivity flow will establish a unique identity for Honolulu’s culture and performance art corridors by allowing neighboring businesses to come together and activate the arts community’s core that can branch out and keep the rest of Kaka’ako alive and flourishing.

Pulsivity Raised Bikeway Concept Render Perspective
Pulsivity Raised Bikeway Concept Render Perspective Night
Pulsivity Concept Render Perspective Night Market

Image & Text Credits | Jonathan Quach, Thien Nguyen

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