STUDENT PROJECT | Emergency landscape: ItyKue 0-30 | Montevideo, Uruguay | Lorena Cordero & Cecilia Loppacher


The project is based on the recovery, enhancement and coordination of two environmental system located at the basin of the Carrasco brook in Montevideo. On one side, the municipal dumpsite, this is part of the residuary territory, as an effect of the many years of accumulation of waste produced by the city. On the other side, the area occupied by the Carrasco marshland, geographically located near the dumpsite.

The selection of the place arises from the concern about a territory of high environmental value in its origins, which has been degraded and contaminated due to human actions over long periods of time. The proximity of the dumpsite to the marshland contributes as a high contamination risk, and at the same time, produces an environmental emptiness, a wasted land.


The location of the project area belongs to a territory of diverse social issues, with squatter settlements, a prison facility, rural lands and local housing. It has the particularity of having a rural land immersed in the urban areas, where varied landscapes can be found.

The main purpose of the proposal is based on the transformation of the dumpsite and the marshland in high quality lands for living and land use.


It is intended to Honor the Nature by the interpretation and education about the natural value of the place, constructing pathways for traveling and spaces for contemplating the landscape. Honor the Culture by transforming the dumpsite in a new place for recreational and educational purposes and finally, Honoring the Community by approaching other local communities.



Emergency landscape:  ItyKue 0-30 (Montevideo – Uruguay)

Bach. Lorena Cordero – Landscape Design Degree 4th grade student (UDELAR)

Bach. Cecilia Loppacher – Landscape Design Degree 4th grade student (UDELAR)

Tutor: Arq. Paloma Nieto


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