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A Moving story “National Geo-Monument Park” at Alagalla Mountain Range in Sri Lanka, is a landscape architectural project with a whole new concept of appreciating nature in form of natural state.  Making an awareness of nature and its processes through a sequence of spaces to the people and to blend the nature and human instinct.

The UNESCO Geo-park concept has created the base for this project formulation that the Protecting and conserving the heritage of the earth crust, which considering “Geo-Heritage” are more valuable and sustainable approach to the 21st century’s concept of Nature as Habitat.

The concept is to not only to give an awareness on nature and its processes but to working with local communities and give them the opportunity to develop cohesive partnerships with the promoting the area’s significant geological processes, features, periods of time, historical themes linked to geology are established through a bottom-up process.


The genetic attachment between man and the environment is basically called as “Biophilia”, which gives an idea that human beings are always connected with the nature as its follower or its challenges. Both ends are ending with nature and complex natural systems.

This attachment is an adaptive connection to the behaviour of human. Interpreting different kind of objects and things as its form is a materializing nature, making nature and its forces more tangible.

Defining Geo-forms is one of them, which is a simple example by size or by shape. This is taking a long journey through the natural and social history through the time. Taking its advantage, this project is based on the, not any other than the alien subject, but the hidden connection to nature.

Also creating a new avenue of sustainable design by using natural setting of geo-forms to stretch an opportunity for the people to make unique definitions for the geo forms with an awareness along with value earth surface, evolution and history. Which is the more supportive tactic to Inhabiting Nature.

National Geo-Monument Park is specifically dedicated to the conservation and protection of geological importance as a geo-heritage, managed with a holistic approach of protection, education and sustainable development in combination with all other aspects of the natural and cultural heritage of the area.

Student | Nipun Hettiarachchi – University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Location |  Alagalla mountain range – Poththapitiya – Kandy – Central Province – Sri Lanka –  7°17’50.9″N 80°28’10.5″E

Client | Geological surveys and mines Bureau /Sri Lanka tourist board
Investor | Sri Lanka Board of Investors/ Aiding UNESCO, Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
User |  Local and Foreign Tourists, University students, researchers, academics,   and general public oriented.


A Moving Story won the Award of Excellence in the Student Category of the 2018 WLA Awards


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