Starr Whitehouse unveils Brooklyn-Queens Expressway options

Recently Starr Whitehouse unveiled three concepts for a section of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) – a trenched Interstate (I-278)in New York. The concepts where presented to the community, elected City and Congress officials and representatives from DOT and DPR. Starr Whitehouse developed the designs in consultation with the community through workshops and were seen as ‘…an achievable vision for enhancing the pedestrian and cyclist environment above the BQE, adding green components and improving the physical connection and sociability among adjacent neighborhoods’.

‘Maximum Green’ (OPTION 1)
Creates a green streetscape with traffic calming, tree plantings, water sensitive design with the option for green screens/artistic fences. Costed at $USD10.7million

‘Connections’ (OPTION 2)
Creating “green machine” bridges equipped with greenscreen or acoustic panels, PV, and decorative lighting, with the option of adding treatments from  the ‘Maximum Green’ concept.

‘Green Canopy’ (OPTION 3)
The most intriguing option that creates a trellis Structure over the trenched rows  which includes Photo-voltaic panels that generate revenue for the City. Photo-voltaic array could earn the city $USD312,500 per year through energy generation. Costed at $USD82.7million including providing retail space on Union Street bridge.
Starr-Whitehouse-BQE-Green Canopy-Cafe

The project does not yet have funding but the community strongly prioritized the development of achievable goals (5-10 years). Local leaders are committed to working closely with relevant agencies, community members to identify resources to carry out this goal.


LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS & PLANNERS: Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects & Planners
ARCHITECTS: Kiss+Cathcart Architects
TRAFFIC ENGINEERING: Sam Schwartz Engineering

IMAGE CREDIT: Starr Whitehouse and Kiss+Cathcart Architects