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The park Skeppsmyreparken was built in the 30´s. Over the years, the park has become rundown and the trees are being outdated. In the new version of Skeppsmyreparken, a park with a classic character is established with tree plantings, open lawns and pathways of stone dust.


The new heart of the park is the glade – a generous circular lawn with space for spontaneous activities such as picnic, flee market and soccer. As many of the existing trees possible, are saved. New trees are planted as a complement, they provide an enjoyable green impression and with their variation of species, the different seasons are manifested.

With a meadow plantation, the circular shape of the glade is enhanced and at the same time, flowerage is added to the park. New places for activities covering all ages are framed by wooden walls that also provide seating. A new color scheme on classic park furniture creates a twist to the otherwise, simpler materials and refined surfaces. The removed birches are reused in different ways as playful elements throughout the park.


Huddinge, Stockholm, Sweden

Team | LAND Arkitektur through Anders Kling, Sofia Nylén, Lina Andersson, och Lisa Hellberg
Client | Huddinge municipality
Photo credits | Mauro Rongione
Text credit | LAND Arkitektur
Graphics | LAND Arkitektur

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