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It’s been 2 ½ years since Ship Point Plaza was officially opened on Victoria’s Inner Harbour as part of an emotional Canadian Navy Centennial celebration. Since then the plaza has been visited by thousands of locals, tourists and military families who gather to remember loved ones who have served or serve still, or to simply enjoy the view of the harbour and British Columbia’s legislative buildings.

Working closely with the Provincial Capital Commission and representatives of the Canadian Navy, LADR transformed an underused provincially owned plaza filled with oversized concrete planters that created hidden corners and rendered the space unfriendly and dark at night, into an inviting multi-functional harbour side plaza with naval significance. The plaza is roughly the shape of a quarter circle and uses a radiating paving pattern to allude to interrelated connectivity between city, ship and sea. A threshold of concrete aggregate with broom finished concrete radials firmly anchors the ‘city’ side of the plaza. As the paving expands concentrically towards Victoria’s Inner Harbour, it changes to square pavers who allude to a ship’s deck, and eventually to concentric bands of red bricks of honour which form an edge between ‘ship’ and ‘sea’. The outer edge of the plaza paving is again concrete aggregate but the aggregate is slightly larger than that used on the city side – this time it represents the sea. Importantly, the four paving surfaces, or terrains, are linked by five radiating brass flat bars that extend across the plaza, allude to ship’s fittings and reference the five oceans the Canadian Navy sails: Antarctic, Indian, Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic.

Landscape Architects | LADR Landscape Architects Inc., Bev Windjack BCSLA, ASLA, & Julie Lommerse, BCSLA
Sculptor | Nathan Scott
General Contractors | Hartwig Industries
Client | BC Provincial Capital Commission

IMAGES | Courtesy of  LADR Landscape Architects Inc.

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