SEU x UPENN|Celebrating the 55th Anniversary of Design with Nature

Design with Nature Now exhibition will be held to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the publication, of Design with Nature. The exhibition is co-organized by the School of Architecture, Southeast University and the Stuart Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania, as the first stop of the Asian tour exhibition, Design with Nature NowNanjing (DWNN – Nanjing) will be hosted at Nanjing Jinling STYLE from May 31 to July 31, 2024.

These explorations, the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weitzman School of Design orchestrated an exhibition series, Ian McHarg: The House We Live In, Design with Nature Now and A Book of Days in 2019. Following a succinct review of Professor McHarg’s scholarly thoughts and practices, the exhibition focused on contemporary issues through 25 research and practical projects from around the world, which presented powerful responses to contemporary global climate and environmental challenges such as biodiversity loss, sea level rise, water quality degradation, soil contamination, and urban expansion. 

Ian McHarg

The founder of the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States, an illustrious Scottish ecologist and landscape architect, Professor Ian McHarg was one of the most influential persons in the global environmental movement. His 1969 book Design with Nature pioneered the concept of ecological planning, elaborated on the inseparable interdependence between humanity and nature, and brought ecological planning methods into the mainstream of landscape architecture, city planning and public policy, and environmental concerns into broad public awareness. 

DWNN Nanjing will supplement the “Jiangsu Practice” section based on the original content. While demonstrating the wisdom of contemporary ecological practices in China (specifically Jiangsu) with the foundation of McHarg’s eco-environmental planning, it will fuel the concept of “Design with Nature” through local anecdotes and wisdom, and trace the responses towards the topics of global climate and environment from Chinese urban development and environmental protection.  

An academic symposium – Design with Nature Now will be held at the Hanfu Hotel in Nanjing, China on June 1, 2024, where scholars and students from China and the United States will jointly discuss global issues and contemporary practices in ecological civilization construction and environmentally sustainable development. 

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