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Image | Atelier Barda

Sacré potager continues its road trip before coming back to the International Garden Festival at the Reford Gardens for the summer. After a stop at Canada Blooms in Toronto in March, a pared down version of Sacré Potager will be presented at Casa d’Italia for the 2nd edition of D!SEGNO – lifestyle, fashion and design in Little Italy in Montreal. This event, focused on the creativity and the know-how that connects this unique district of Montreal to Italy, will be held from May 2 to May 11. Sacré potager, created by atelier barda_architecture was one of the most popular gardens of the 2013 edition of the Festival. This conceptual garden is a homage to forgotten vegetables and a plea for their return to our tables and grocery shelves.

image | Jean-Claude & Lindsay Hurni

The garden explores the wild and the sacred. The wild are the plants that we once cultivated 100 or more years ago. The sacred because these plants have assumed a special importance in our battle to preserve plant biodiversity. Sacré potager is composed of wooden altars of varying sizes that evoke crossroad oratories or private chapels. Heritage vegetables grow at the base of each altar, evoking the biodiversity that is shrinking, undermined by the processes of selection, production and marketing of modern society.

image | Jean-Claude & Lindsay Hurni

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