Revitalisation of the historical centre of Tønsberg, Norway


The city of Tønsberg is situated on the south coast of Norway and has a long history of habitation, religion and fisheries. The prosess of revitalising the historical centre was inspired by nature and culture – the old and the new. When using the piazza the experience should be that of a comprehensive scale, reflecting the history and at the same time, give a contemporary feeling.




The granite in the horizontal streets have patterns in shades of white and yellow, like the beaches of the shores nearby, while the pavement in the crossing streets reflect the blue and the grey from the ocean and the rocks. Surfaces vary from smooth to rough, reflecting the colours and light from the sky and the sea through the year.





Revitalisation of the historical centre of Tønsberg
Tønsberg Torg, Norway

Designer | Arkitektgruppen CUBUS AS v/ Torbjørn Bengtsson and Axel Nitter Sømme, associate landscape architects MNLA
Consultants | Node AS
Graphic design | Haltenbanken AS
Artist | Tor Inge Kveum
Cooperation | Asplan Viak AS

Client | Tønsberg Municipality

Photography | Arkitektgruppen CUBUS AS

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