Rethink Athens Design Competition

The ALEXANDER S.ONASSIS PUBLIC BENEFIT FOUNDATION has launched Rethink Athens, a European architectural competition for the re-constitution of Athens city centre along the axis of Panepistimiou str., and invites all interested candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria to register. Purpose of the Competition is the selection of the Architect (Person or legal entity), that will undertake the design of the architectural public space for the creation of a New City Center in Athens along the axis of Panepistimiou Street.

The Competition is a two-stage competition, of a single design category namely the architectural, with technical supporting studies. In the first stage of the Competition (Ideas Competition), the First Stage Jury will select three (3) to eight (8) proposals, whose designers will qualify for the second stage (Concept Drawings Competition).

The deadline for the submission of the first stage proposals is Friday, September 7th, 2012.

1st Stage Jury










Find out more information at the Rethink Athens

WORLD LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE is NOT involved with the organisation of this competition. Please the organisers at the Rethink Athens website.