Quadrangle Architects Presents Innovative Green Design for the Gardiner Expressway

Les Klein, Principal of Quadrangle Architects Limited unveiled The Green Ribbon design for the Gardiner Expressway at the ideaCity held in Toronto last week.

Quadrangle believes that the Gardiner deserves a better and more creative fate than demolition. Instead of destruction, Quadrangle calls for The Green Ribbon – a unique design that will create a 7 km green space on top of the Gardiner Expressway, bringing new life above and below the Gardiner.  This idea would transform the Gardiner into something that all Torontonians can benefit from and be proud of.

The Green Ribbon by Quadrangle image 4_ Ramp Gardiner Expressway The Green Ribbon by Quadrangle image 2_View looking west

Images courtesy: Quadrangle Architects

SOURCE: Quadrangle Architects