Poppy Park(ing) transforming carpark into a Flower Meadow in Sofia, Bulgaria

VIRIDIS participated in the Global Annual Initiative PARK(ing) day and transformed one of the parking spaces located in front of the Union of Architects to a “Flower Meadow”.
More than 300 paper poppies and a truckload of gravel were used in order to realize this innovative project.

Poppy Park(ing) from Viridis Landscape Architects on Vimeo.


The main idea behind the Poppy Park(ing) was related with donation to charity for buying trees for the South Park in Sofia. As result – we have sold about 67 of our paper flowers and the funds will be invested in planting 5 trees in one of the biggest parks in Sofia!



We are VIRIDIS Landscape architects and our studio is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are dedicated to the innovative design of public spaces and residential areas. Our team consist of three young landscape architects and our projects are focused on our client’s social, economic and cultural ambitions.





Images & Text Credit | VIRIDIS

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  1. I love this on so many levels! What a bright spot to see instead of a car and a fabulous way to raise awareness on the importance of trees.

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