Podscape Garden | JP Architects & Landscape Design

JP Architects and Landscape Design is a multi-award winning practice based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Formed by James Purdy in 2014 the practice works closely with other skilled professionals to create exciting and meaningful projects that seek to reconnect people with their natural environment.



This project was designed with the singular vision to further explore the practices’ underlining ethos in designing spaces that unify architecture and landscape. To achieve this the built element of the garden takes centre stage with its detailing refined to create a garden building in its purist form, offering both shelter and delight.


Cloaked in vertical timbers the buildings repetitive exterior creates an interesting interplay between solid and void when viewed from different angles, creating a sense of complete enclosure to a fully permeable and open structure. Catching the sunlight the timbers cast a perfectly balanced array of shadow lines; ever-changing they move seamlessly with the natural daylight over the exposed concrete floor.



To counteract the modernist building, a naturalistic style of planting was chosen to evoke the feeling of being immersed in nature with a delicate palette of colours and textures chosen to create a harmonious environment as you journey through and explore the garden.




The process of the constructing the garden was immensely exciting, challenging and indeed unforgiving at times. However by holding steadfast to the vision the garden evolved from conceptual design to completed built form in 12 days, with the judges awarding it Gold, Best in Category and the overall Planting Design Award for all of the 22 Show Gardens.



Sadly after 5 days it was gone but its creative achievement of unifying architecture and landscape remains, along with a thousand or so plants now living on my allotment.



Name | Podscape Garden
Location |  Pheonix Park, Dublin
Design Team  | JP Architects & Landscape Design
Director | James Purdy
Landscaper |  Jonathan Gill Landscapes
Client | Bloom by Bord Bia 2016 Show Garden
Suppliers | JP Corry, Kilsaran Concrete, Hortis Loci Nursery & Green Roofs Direct.
Awards Won Gold, Best in Category and Planting Design Award out of 22 Show Gardens.