Playground and green space in Berlin-Friedrichshain


The urban quarters south of Frankfurter Allee are low-density areas with a high green rate („green islands“). Small squares or green spaces accentuate the district and become sites with high amenity values. The design concept aimed to strengthen these characteristics and to enhance a distinctive identity.


The opportunity arose to consider various target groups and different demands respectively for there was a lack in open spaces for children and elderly people. So, a great diversity in sojourn and playing facilities for all age groups could be obtained in the quarter. The idea of two different sites – Meeresinsel (isle in the sea) and Erdeninsel (isle on the earth) came up to deal with the existing deficits. Through a well-balanced arrangement of the elements disturbing interferences could be avoided.

The Meeresinsel (Isle in the sea) – Play in the current
The existing penguin playground has been refined. The sandy zone has been enlarged southwards into a “big sea”. The existing playground equipment were retained and renewed. The motif of penguins, seals and other sea dwellers was complemented by new playing elements in the extension.




The “floes” are varied useable playing objects which pick up the image of sheets of ice which are drifting in the current. Different topics characterise the floes and create various playing situations: climbing on the iceberg or walls, sliding or balancing, “diving” or “marbles”. The surfaces are made of coloured concrete which is partly coated. A flying fox is leading from one floe into a sandy area.


The playground is surrounded by a low characteristic fence. Large lawn areas were maintained on the intersection to the eastern neighbourhood. Existing shrubs were lightly pruned to improve the vista. But, on the sunny northern edge of the penguin playground the bushes were maintained for screening. A little square on a junction in the south functions as playground entrance. In this paved area the existing water pump as well as a few bicycle racks are arranged.


The Erdeninsel (Isle on the earth) – a green oasis
On the site between Kadiner and Lasdehner street a spacious common area has been implemented which allow a self-evident, easy passage.
The “Erdeninsel” is a green oasis which complements the active play offers in the neighbourhood. Particularly the adjacent schools are equipped with manifold playing elements. Therefore, a multifunctional space was designed without interfering installations.


The open space is structured by only one feature which gives the space its own identity. The exorbitant „Windenwurm“ (winding worm) is bench, reclining area, picnic table and stage at the same time.


Long wooden elements wind through the space in elegant curves while they form the border to the adjacent estates at the same time. The vegetation behind was maintained and partly intensified. The undergrowth strengthens the vegetative character and provides the bench a “green background”. In front of the southern edge is a small vegetation stripe with lawn and ground-cover plants which attenuates the separative impression of the fence optically. At the same time it connects the space with the adjacent school open spaces.




Location | Kadiner st./Lasdehner st., Berlin-Friedrichshain
Designer | Rehwaldt LA, Dresden
Photographer | Rehwaldt LA
Area | 0.36 ha, Budget: 400,000 EUR
Client | Borough Administration Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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