Platform and Platform Kupé: Islands of Cultivation

mmcité‘s range now includes islands of cultivation called Platform and Platform Kupé. These change the perception of how a given space is used and gradually blur the thin line between public and private spaces.

“The development of cities and public spaces is undeniable. Streets are changing through direct interaction with people, and this creates new demands. We see Platform as an island of cultivation, a quick intervention that changes its purpose as needed. It can return a parking space to people, also used to temporarily revive long-unused spaces, or create a relaxation zone in urban development,” says David Karásek, CEO and chief designer of mmcité.

The product line, generally known as a parklet, has long been used “across the pond” and in European metropolises. It offers the opportunity to create small but important public spaces in busy urban areas. Parklets offer spaces for communities and organizations to gather, while also being publicly accessible and open to everyone. They support the need to create public spaces where people can enjoy life.

“The impetus for designing this modular system came from our customers,” explains Michael Tomalik, a designer who was involved in the design and development of Platform. “The intricate design with its countless variations and functionalities took years to develop. This resulted in product lines that promote community engagement, pedestrian and cyclist activity, and the growth of local businesses,” explains Michael Tomalik.

.Platform Kupé

Private Yet Public

The intimate setting of Platform Kupé offers a public space that can instantly transform into a private one. It is a haven for mothers and their young children or a refuge for the thoughts that arise within it. Created for encounters with old acquaintances or new friends. It transforms neglected corners and forgotten areas into vibrant destinations. It will fit into any campus, whether office or school, where people want to live and create outdoors. Platform Kupé has four shape variants.

They are created by mirroring and combining the basic parts of the Platform modular system, which is manufactured in two depths and widths.

Images: Michael Tomalik

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