Pink Zoning Detroit – RFQ

Pink Zoning Detroit is a bold new initiative in municipal regulatory reform. Focused on Detroit’s neighborhood commercial corridors, the project aims to transform the City’s complex web of land use regulation into a positive force for economic revitalization.

The City of Detroit Planning and Development Department (PDD), together with the Knight Foundation, are seeking ambitious multidisciplinary planning and design teams to create hypothetical future visions for three commercial sites in the city. Each vision must embody the latest philosophies of place-making— prioritizing walkable, accessible, mixed-use designs that enhance neighborhood quality of life.

The final visions will be compliance tested against Detroit’s current zoning ordinance and building code. Rather than revising the visions to meet these regulations, teams will partner with PDD, other City departments, state agencies, legal consultants, and neighborhood stakeholders to amend the City’s regulations in the spirit of these future visions.

Pink Zoning Detroit is committed to identifying agile, creative regulatory options which support the sort of place-making that drives economic development. Ultimately, we aim to create a ‘lean’ ordinance, widely applicable to commercial corridors in the city, that establishes Detroit as a pioneer of innovative urban land use regulation in the United States.

Pink Zoning Detroit will select three interdisciplinary teams to work through a six-month research, design, and analysis process.

Three sites have been chosen for how closely they typify distinct development challenges. These specific sites are not presently being considered for actual rezoning, but their blend of circumstances is intended to provide the most comprehensive input to the Pink Zoning process.

The three teams chosen to participate in the project will each receive a $19,000 stipend, to cover project costs and travel expenses to Detroit, if applicable. The composition of each team must reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the Pink Zoning Detroit project. Teams should partner urban designers and planners with related professionals, such as landscape architects, policy analysts, and/or historic preservationists. In their application, teams should demonstrate their prior experience of economic development and adaptive reuse challenges. Where possible, they should also provide evidence of creative engagement with municipal regulations.

The deadline for applications is 11.59PM EST on 16 September 2016. Refer to Pink Zoning RFQ website for more information



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