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Paterson Collection is a condominium located in the River Valley planning area. It consists of two blocks of 19 storey apartments, leaving ample room for recreation areas and landscaped spaces.


Equipped with family oriented amenities, the greenery was designed to evoke the look of a modern tropical resort. The design of landscaped gardens is uniquely borderless, which brings greenery close to the homes of residents, and offers homeowners a resort-style environment set in lush gardens. The landscape was designed with recreation, beautification and appreciation of nature in mind. Plants are selected to blend the landscape with the estate. With water features such as bio-ponds and bio-swales, it allows residents to discover diverse flora and fauna, also provides a habitat for wildlife.


The bio-pond and the bio-swale serve as visual attractions to soften the urban environment. They feature dense planting, with plants at 450-900mm height. The water features lie between the two apartment blocks of the development and are pleasantly shaded with a variety of trees and palms. A timber bridge is set over the centre of the bio-pond. Water plants line the bridge and serve as a natural green railing, whilst also extending the greenery of the bio-pond. It allows visitors to observe aquatic flora and fauna at a closer distance. Educational signs bring awareness to the function and benefits of the bio-pond and bio-swale, which include the use of non-chlorinated to support aquatic life and the filtration of excess rainwater.




The development also features a 3-metre high green wall to provide a strong green statement for residents to enjoy, as well as rain gardens and flowering trees. Gardens are also included on the 7th, 12th and 17th floor of the condominium where sky terraces and outdoor dining spaces are located, so that greenery is never far from the homeowners.
Paterson Collection offers homeowners not only an attractively designed landscape to be proud of, but also a home in a resort club setting replete with environmentally conscious garden design. It provides a lifestyle quality, befitting modern urban living.






Location | Singapore

Landscape design | ONG&ONG Pte Ltd
Project director | Lena Quek
Photography | Bai Jiwen

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