Orchid Archs | Jurong Hill Singapore | Jurong Bird Park

Orchid Arch | Jurong Hill Singapore | Jurong Bird Park
In 2010, as the Jurong Birdpark positioned itself as a Garden Of Paradise, the overall master plan of Jurong Birdpark was divided into five geographic zones: South East Asian, European, South American, African and Australasian zone. Each Zone has its own garden theme and exhibits with a beautiful and unique landscape, and indigenous plants respective to each region and is enhanced by charismatic sculptures to increase the visitors’ memorable experience in the park.

Orchid Arch | Jurong Hill Singapore | Jurong Bird Park
The site area was about 1100 square meters. The entrance to Jurong Birdpark is at the north-east corner near the junction of Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim and Jurong Hill road. This site falls in the South East Asian Zone. Hence Singapore and its national flower were used to represent this zone. This project was named “Orchid Arches” because the conceptual design was inspired by the shape of the orchid and Singapore’s national flower Venda Miss Joaqium. The forms of the five different arches were inspired from the edge of the orchid’s petal and orchid’s sepal. The Orchid Arches were proposed to connect the main entrance and the main foyer of the park to promote a sense of a continuing welcome for the visitors. There were red, pink, yellow, orange and white/blue orchid collections foreach respective arch. More than 30 species and a total of 1000 orchids and epiphytes were showcased in the arches.

Orchid Arch | Jurong Hill Singapore | Jurong Bird Park
The emphasis in this conceptual design was to
a) Enhance the attractiveness of the park highlighting the botanical display for the purpose of education, conservation, research and enhance the guests’ experience;
b) Develop a collection of exotic species of orchid hybrids in Jurong Birdpark.
The aim of this project was to provide a unique colourful entrance that also created a photo opportunity for the visitors. It also created a unique and meaningful learning opportunity for the students and foreign visitor to have a greater understanding of Asian orchids.

Orchid Arch | Jurong Hill Singapore | Jurong Bird Park
Plant Palette
The five undulating arches are representing the five sepals from an Orchid, consisting of red, pink, yellow, orange and orchid’s collection for respective arch. More than 30 species and total of 1000 orchids and epiphytes are displayed at the arches.
Arch Orchids Species
Renanthera Bangkok Flame; Mokara Top Red; Renanthera Singaporeans;Cymbidium Jumpn’ Jack Flash; Phalaenopsis Taida Salu; Mokara Red;Renanthera Kalsom; Oncidium Twinkle Red 

Vanda Miss Joaquim; Dendrobium Tay Swee Keng; Dendrobium Lucian Pink; Mokara Chao Praya Boy Pink; Phalaenopsis Ox Honey; Phalaenopsis Juibao; Mokara Chark Kuan Pink; Phalaenopsis Leopard Prince

Oncidium Golden Wish; Dendrobium Changi; Pot Memorial Gold; Dendrobium Golden blossom; Mokara Praya Gold; Grammatophyllum Scriptum; Phalaenopsis Fuller Sunset

Phalaenopsis KV Beauty; Ascocenda Orange Delight; Mokara Chark Kuan; Phalaenopsis Surf Song; Oncidium Twinkle Orange; Mokara Golden; Mokara Orange Nugget

White halaenopsis Sogo Yukidian; Vanilla Aphylla; Dendrobium White Fairy; Ionopsis Utricularioides; Phalaenopsis Champion Lightning; Zygonisia Cynosure ‘Blue Birds’; Vanda Pachara Delight

Others Epiphytes Species
Neoregelia ‘Passion’; Neoregelia carolinae; Bromeliad; Nepenthes alata; Tillandsia Usneoides; Dischidia nummularia variegata; Nephrolepis obliterrata; Lycopodium Squarrosum

Orchid Arch | Jurong Hill Singapore | Jurong Bird Park
Design Team

Project Leader:
Melvin Tan (Director Horticulture)
Project Manager: Alice Low (Landscape Architect)

Project Leader: Melvin Tan (Director Horticulture)
Project Manager: Alice Low (Landscape Architect)

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