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Located in Shenzhen, China, OCT Bay has a combined site area of approximately 1.25 square kilometers including a new urban center and nature preserve. The design of the master plan and landscape architecture is targeted towards creating public open space for the city that balances development and ecology.

The driving force behind the comprehensive nature of the project is the desire to engage the public through an active program defined by education, culture, entertainment and recreation. An essential element of the design, the exterior open spaces are organized as a spatial hierarchy of intimate spaces, medium size courtyards and large public plazas that are intended to accommodate both daily and special events. The intent is for visitors to weave through the site with ease, experiencing both the subtle changes of the built landscape through changes in material, scale, lighting, and water features, while still maintaining the ability to experience the natural landscape of Shenzhen, China.

The choreographed public open space helps form this language and contrasting design of the ecologically focused wetland and nature preserve. The 685,000 square meter area of OCT Bay provides habitat for dozens of species, and is considered China’s only inner-city coast mangrove wetland. The site concept is based on an interaction with water – as a natural resource, aesthetic element, ecological system and conveyance amenity, which comes through not only in the natural wetland, but also in the powerful water features throughout the built landscape. Locally sourced materials, green technologies and sustainable practices provided the tools to enhance the resource responsible goals established for the project, making both the built and natural elements environmentally sensitive. OCT Bay grown into its design, and over time has become a model for a successful approach to balanced mixed-use project development in China.

OCT Bay | Shenzhen China | SWA Group
Project Team |
David Thompson
Shuyi Chang
Xiao Zhou
Ches Campbell
Henry Dalton
Neil Emick
Todd Strawn
David Gal
Ying Hu

Client | OCT Urban Entertainment Investment Company of Shenzhen (OCTE)
Owner | The Government of Shenzhen

Consultants + Collaborators |
Laguarda Low Architects LLC
(LLA Architects) (Architect of the majority of the buildings)
Studio Pei Zhu | Architect of the cloud-shaped Exhibition Center and the Information Center
Richard Meier | Architect of the OCT China Club

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