Novofibre’s “Yu” Installation Fuses Designer Aesthetic with Call for Environmental Awareness


In October 2015, Novofibre joined over 1,000 designers and artists for one of the most exciting design events in China. Every year the China Institute of Interior Design (CIID) hosts an “Open Exhibit” showcasing the world’s best creative talent and cutting edge design products. Novofibre worked with renowned artist and designer Lin Xueming to create an incredibly innovative, thought provoking and visually stunning exhibition.



Held in Lanzhou, China, the 2015 Open Exhibit theme was entitled “Crossing Boundaries”. Participants were asked to interpret the theme using the cultural and environmental landscapes of the historic Lanzhou region as inspiration. Novofibre’s installation, entitled “Yu”, was completed using Novofibre’s Oriented Structural Straw Boards to create an immersive environment that evokes both traditional Chinese Tangram puzzles and the surrounding mountainous landscape of Lanzhou.




By integrating both the Chinese understanding of puzzles as a tool to build interpretation skills and intelligence, alongside the visual and structural environmental elements of the installation inherent in the mountainous topography and OSSB panels, Lin Xueming’s design implores viewers to reflect on humanity’s simultaneous responsibility to and reliance on the earth.  Through “Yu”, visitors are nudged toward crossing the “boundaries” that prevent them from understanding, engaging with, and making active choices that foster a healthy, sustainable world for the next generation.






Project Name | “Yu” public art installation
Year | 2015- 2016
Artist | Lin Xueming
Location | Lanzhou, China
Program | 160mX120mX4m
Main Materials | wheat-straw board, acrylic

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