More than 195,000 wind turbines to appear outside homes by 2020 – Telegraph reports

“The Energy Saving Trust, the independent body in charge of improving energy efficiency in the UK, predicted that the introduction of the tariffs could persuade 8.6 million people – around a quarter of households – to invest in combined heat and power, wind turbines or other low carbon technologies.”

SOURCE: Telegraph – More than 195,000 wind turbines to appear outside homes by 2020 – Telegraph.

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  1. The idea of conserving energy and making use of environmentally friendly renewable resources is noble. The degree to which governments should play a role in “encouraging deployment” of these technologies is much more suspect. Utilities inherently have a disincentive to sell less energy. To the extent the government might find a simple way to reward conservation and efficiency, perhaps it has a role.

    Two thoughts: wind energy isn’t worth the money it is printed on, and industries who are treated like infants over long periods of time never grow up. Ie. wind energy would either become efficient and effective or be abandoned if not for subsidies disproportionate to the benefit returned.

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