Martha Schwartz – I Hate Nature – new installation

Martha Schwartz is one of the world’s best-known living landscape architects. Her installation in the courtyard at Kjarvalsstadir alludes both to the artist’s experience of nature as explored in the exhibition “Dreams of the Sublime and Nowhere” and to the debate over environmental protection versus exploitation.

On display until July 20 @ Reykjavík Art Museum – Kjarvalsstadir Exhibition

SOURCE: What’s on in Iceland 

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  1. Nature has it’s own bounderies.Through time, humans had changed some of those bounderies by adding, cutting and molding the pure lines of the landscape clock, sort of speak.

    Martha Schwartz is one of them, beleiving that everything can be done in an ordely fashion, following the human thoughts through time. She is that particular artist who works on those thoughts with materials that goes beyond natural agendas.But, still ! blends them through time with great respect of the nature.

    She is probably the Picasso of the shape the land from it’s art as i call it – using every bit and pieces of the human thoughts on nature.

    Thank you

    Frederick Hendy, landscape Architect Canada.

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