Lots of Possibility Design Competition

Louisville Metro Government has launched “Lots of Possibility” Design Competition  to address issues of vacancy, blight and abandonment in its community. There are several thousand vacant lots throughout the city – of which approximately 450 are owned by Metro Government and/or the Landbank Authority, Inc. and available for redevelopment. The objective of this competition is to not only engage the community and solicit innovative, affordable and replicable ideas to return these vacant lots into productive use – but also to provide seed funding to see the ideas through implementation.

Two competition categories are available:
Permanent use projects (e.g., residential, commercial, institutional/civic, or other use that requires taking ownership of the lot)

Temporary/interim use projects (e.g., do not involve a physical structure that will be difficult to remove; one to two year lease of the vacant lot acceptable)

Six finalists for each category (permanent and temporary use) will be identified after the first round of submittals are evaluated. Finalists will be asked to prepare a detailed project proposal, including site plans, a budget, and plans for implementation, operations and maintenance. Proposals for permanent use must also include a floor plan and two building elevations. Finalists will present their project proposals to a panel of judges to consist of community leaders, architects, landscape architects and Metro staff (full list to be announced soon).

Competition Schedule

  • 1st Round Entries due: Monday, February 24

This competition is a partnership between the Department of Community Services and Revitalization and Vision Louisville, with thanks to OpportunitySpace for providing our mapping tool. OpportunitySpace is a platform that helps communities find the best uses for public land using data and technology tools.

More information and registration at Lots of Possibility Competition