Lordelo do Ouro | Porto, Portugal

The social situation in Lordelo has been decaying at a fast pace in the last couple of years. This precarious district of Porto, Portugal has been struggling with robberies, illicit trafficking and drug consumption in broad daylight for years. These social residential buildings are placed in an extremely deficient urban setting, dominated by a strong car dependent culture with cul-de-sacs, dark shady areas and lack of outdoor stimuli leading to a vicious cycle of insecurity and total absence of outdoor life.

Lordelo do Ouro is focused on a profound rehabilitation of the urban environment of this territory, enhancing its identity and urban image, guaranteeing that the design solution is able to encourage people to be outside and break the chain of fear and outdoor anxiety. This is achieved by developing 3 main strategies:

It was important to restructure the entire circulation network. The concept involves defining a robust network of pathways, connecting all buildings in a safe and comfortable manner, eliminating the current dead-end streets and inviting pedestrians to flow freely.

By digging up the encased Granja river, we are promoting a more ecological resilient city, completely transforming the urban identity of this area. The fact this river runs in the middle of the project helps reinforce both neighborhoods’ individuality, focusing on daily needs of their residents.

Social Catalysts
These two neighborhoods are activated by creating healthy outdoor programs that promote sport areas, children’s playgrounds, urban gardens and multi-purpose squares. These spaces have the capacity to attract the various generations that inhabit the area.

In summary, this proposal seeks to enhance the urban identity and environmental quality of the territory by integrating nature protection, pedestrian-friendly pathways, and multifunctional spaces. It aims to create a cohesive and vibrant community by restructuring circulation networks, revitalizing natural features, and introducing social catalysts that cater to the needs of diverse generations and cultural backgrounds.

Lordelo do Ouro

Location: Porto, Portugal

Design leader: Atelier BAUM
Landscape Architecture: Atelier BAUM
Coordination: Horizonte
Engineer: JFA
Client: Porto Municipality

Image and Text Credit: Atelier BAUM

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