Living Green Roof used as laboratory at Princeton

Princeton University

At the moment, the roof above Dormitory A of the redeveloped Butler College complex is a “green” roof only in the most technical sense of the phrase.

The 14 varieties of hardy sedum planted on the Butler rooftop earlier this year have now exploded into a kaleidoscope of color. The contrasts in the palette of the many-hued rooftop garden are only expected to intensify as summer turns to fall.

When 283 Princeton undergraduates move into Butler College this September, they will be entering a 113,000-square-foot complex integrating sustainability features from top to bottom, including the green roofs on more than half of its buildings and a stormwater cistern that will collect and recycle rainwater to irrigate courtyard landscaping.

Green roofs have been installed atop portions of Butler’s dormitories A, C and D, with the monitoring equipment, including a weather station, on A. Green roofs — also called vegetated roof covers — are thin layers of living plants that are established on top of conventional roofs. Properly designed, they are stable, living ecosystems that replicate many of the processes found in nature

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