Light Garden | Caltagirone Italy | Concetta Falanga & Lara Riguccio

“Light Garden” represents an installation created at the amphitheater of Via Roma in Caltagirone (Sicily), during the second edition of “In the Garden”, a special path in green, accomplished through the establishment of temporary gardens, conferences, exhibits, workshops.

The project was built with the collaboration of artisans and local entrepreneurs. It symbolizes the fallow fields typical of the Sicilian landscape, where the colors are dominant and the stems soar to the sky.

The choice of materials, both natural and artificial combined in a completely innovative vision, has led to a surprising result: long PVC tubes, with heights ranging from 1.50 to 2.50 meters, cleverly combined, engraved, painted and installed bases on concrete alternate with colorful vases that contain examples of Phormium tenax.

But the “magic” of the garden does not end there: at dusk, from each of the small incisions on tall stalks spreads a warm glow that radiates throughout the amphitheater box becomes a unique visual experience of its kind.


Light Garden | Caltagirone Italy | Concetta Falanga & Lara Riguccio
Project and photos by Arch. Concetta Falanga and Agr. Lara Riguccio


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