Landscape Institute launches careers campaign to address skills shortages in the landscape profession

Landscape architect and the newly appointed President of The Landscape Institute, Adam White, launched the new campaign #chooselandscape showcasing the different career choices and opportunities in the landscape profession, as it faces an urgent and growing skills shortage.

The landscape profession makes a huge impact on all our lives and communities and it has grown by nearly 16% since 2010, contributing nearly £1 billion to the UK economy. However, The Landscape Institute’s new report – The Future State of Landscape – highlights the urgent need to appeal to people more widely about the opportunities available for working in the landscape profession. The report showed that 41% of landscape architecture practices stated recruitment was a key challenge as there are not enough people in the profession with the right qualifications.

‘Good landscape plays such an important role in all of our lives. It is where people, place and natureconnect.  It makes us feel good, improving our well-being through better planned greener cities and open spaces. But the nature neurons in our brains are flatlining as we become less and less connected to nature and there are some pretty big challenges ahead as our cities continue to grow and the environment comes under more pressure.

‘That is why I am really pleased to be involved in launching this important campaign #chooselandscape, at the start of my two-year tenure as LI President.  It is vital we tackle the growing skills gap and inspire and encourage more young people to choose a career in landscape by working together across this exciting profession and I shall be championing the cause throughout my two years as LI President. – Adam White, Landscape Institute President

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