Landscape Institute announces 2009 Awards

Landscape Institute announced the 2009 Landscape Institute Awards recently with Gillespies winning the President’s Award for St Andrew Square in Edinburgh. The Peter Youngman Award which is awarded each year for outstanding contribution to landscape was awarded to the Olympic Delivery Authority for their visionary plans for a new London park.

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Urban Design and Masterplanning
Ancoats Public Realm, the creation of a pedestrian-friendly public space in the east of Manchester – Camlin Lonsdale Landscape Architects, Llangadfan
Judges’ comments: ‘This is a simple yet engaging idea which will encourage the public to connect with the site and uncover the area’s secrets. Overall the project provides clarity, texture and imagination in the public realm and a highly appropriate response to context.’

Highly Commended
Chavasse Park, Liverpool, the creation of a new public park at the heart of the Liverpool One development – BDP
Judges’ comments: ‘A very professional, thorough approach which responds well to the brief and delivers an interesting set of public spaces while making a positive contribution the urban fabric of Liverpool.’

Caldew and Carlisle City Flood Alleviation Scheme, landscape-led guidelines for a major flood defence project – AXIS
Judges’ comments: ‘A thorough and rigorous project which understands the site’s constraints and addresses them. ‘
Landscape Sciences

Abergavenny to Gilwern Bat Mitigation Plan, survey and analysis for the Countryside Commission for Wales – TACP
Judges’ comments: ‘This submission impressed for its demonstration of an awareness of the relationship between the key species concerned, habitat requirements and the ability of the local environment to accommodate measures in an appropriate manner.’

The Biodiversity of Wigan, a detailed analysis of priority habitats and species – TEP
Judges’ comments: ‘This project was particularly strong in compilation of evidence, survey and other information and clearly showed the important role of the landscape sciences in providing a broad understanding – to move forward to implementation.’

St. Bartholomew’s School, Newbury, proposals for native planting in a school setting – Environmental Dimension Partnership Judges’ comments: ‘This scheme successfully brought together understanding of context, design solutions and the client; it was felt that the scheme would be ‘owned’ by the school and its pupils bringing a positive benefit to the immediate community.’

Communications and Presentation

Regener8*, a community engagement board game – Taylor Young Ltd
Judges’ comments: ‘This was work that demonstrated a particularly innovative process.’

Highly Commended
‘The BIG Landscape eXperiment’, a tool for re-imagining school grounds – Hampshire County Council
Judges’ comments: ‘The judges were hugely impressed by this great tool for communication and engagement.’
Highly Commended
Design for Play, a guide to creating successful play spaces – Aileen Shackell Associates
Judges’ comments: ‘This work was inspiring in its approach and the case studies inspired the judges as well.’

The Fairytale of Burscough Bridge, an exhibition – BCA Landscape
Judges’ comments: ‘The broad range of media used, with creative and fantastic graphics, was remarkable.’

Heritage & Conservation
Queen Square, Bristol, restoration of one of the largest Georgian squares in the UK – Bristol City Council, Urban Design and Conservation
Judges’ comments: ‘The term ‘highest quality’ can be used for this scheme which has resulted in clear benefits for a wide area of the city.’

Highly Commended
Castle Gardens, Co. Antrim, restoration of an urban park – Soltys Brewster Consulting Ltd
Judges’ comments: ‘The integration of landscape design and contemporary uses is excellent.’
Discover Bute, a planning strategy for the Isle of Bute – Land Use Consultants
Judges’ comments: ‘The vision statement and framework are excellent.’

St. John at Hackney Churchyard Gardens, the restoration of a neglected churchyard – Land Use Consultants
Judges’ comments: ‘The judges were impressed with the links between research and interpretation, with thorough consultation that valued the contrasting views of those consulted.’

Design under 1 ha
St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh, a major new public space in a world heritage site – Gillespies LLP
‘Judges’ comments: This scheme is notable for the public realm design and the role of the landscape architect in delivering places for people.’
Highly Commended
Cockermouth Market Place, design for reconstructing the market place – BCA Landscape
Judges’ comments: ‘The quality of the design and detailing in this scheme sets it apart from its competitors and establishes a benchmark in the creation of good quality public realm as well as a sense of place.’

King George’s Field Playscape, Hanwell, creating a natural approach to play – Groundwork London
‘Judges’ comments: This is a beautiful piece of design in its own right and is also notable for its community engagement and collaborative design.’

Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, an open air studio and exhibition space – Planet Earth Ltd
Judges’ comments: ‘The jurors were impressed with the simple elegance of the design and the integration of sustainable energy sources through the ground source heat pump system.’

Student Dissertation

Contemplation-Scapes, an enquiry into contemplative landscapes – Bianca Soares Moura
Judges’ comments: ‘This is a refreshing subject, and this focus could be of great benefit to the profession. This dissertation is a beautifully-presented work, both graphically and in the quality of its prose.’

Highly Commended
Piccadilly Gardens: a critical appraisal of a 21st century civic landscape – Rowland Byass, University of Sheffield
Judges’ comments: ‘This work exhibits all the hallmarks of refined critical, analytical thinking. It is an ambitious work, beautifully structured and written with passion and deft confidence.’

The Development of Western North American and Mediterranean Dry Meadows – Marta Puig de la Bellacasa, LDA Design
Judges’ comments: ‘The subject is very timely and relevant and this research is extremely useful to design for brownfield and postindustrial sites. The science and research is also exceptionally thorough.’

Design over 5 ha
Highly Commended
George Bancroft Park (Phase 1), the first new public green space for Blackpool – EDAW
Judges’ comments: ‘The panel recognised the complex and demanding challenges of the site and applauded the landscape architects for their interpretation of the brief and their understanding of the site’s role in both a global and local scale.’

Highly Commended
Yorkshire Sculpture Park, new access road and gallery landscape – Land Use Consultants
Judges’ comments: ‘The scheme illustrated an imaginative, contemporary yet appropriate intervention to the historic landscape, seamlessly merging architecture and landscape architecture.’

Highly Commended
Thames Basin Heaths, a nature conservation strategy for the Thames Basin – LDA Design
Judges’ comments: ‘The judges were impressed that this entry covered high level prescriptions with more site specific proposals involving a range of interests through a consultation process.’

Green Estate Management Best Practice, guidance for the Homes and Communities Agency – TEP
Judges’ comments: ‘This document brings survey information and GIS together with policy and prescription – making management information more available to those that need it through an accessible management tool.’

Local Landscape Planning
Reculver Country Park Masterplan, proposals for green tourism-led planning – Allen:Scott
Judges’ comments: ‘The panel were thrilled by the vision presented here; full of optimism but very caring and considerate. The success of this project was assured by the thorough understanding of what made this place special.’

Highly Commended
Olympic Park and Public Realm Masterplan, the creation of a new park for East London – Olympic Delivery Authority
Judges’ comments: ‘This masterplan is visionary and innovative. At the same time it is deliverable, and the landscape, which will become one of the most visible landscapes in the world for a short time, will be robust and contribute to the art and science of landscape architecture.’

Kirkwall Urban Design Development Framework, a landscape-led approach to urban design – Land Use Consultants
Judges’ comments: ‘This document will guide the future of the city and it will remain as an invaluable reference document well into the future and is noted for being an honest statement of where contemporary work is failing the quality of the place.’

Markham Vale, design code and framework for the Markham Employment Growth Zone – Scott Wilson Ltd
Judges’ comments: ‘This is a thoroughly professionally undertaken project but what sets it aside was its reference to people and its sense of humour.’

Landscape Policy
Liverpool and Manchester City Region Green Infrastructure Prospectus, development of a landscape policy – TEP
Judges’ comments: ‘A policy statement that has had a major effect on national and regional policy, and advocacy and has made a real difference.’

Highly Commended
Thames Estuary 2100, a flood risk policy that puts climate change at its core – Environment Agency / Arup Landscape
Judges’ comments: ‘A well laid out and easy to understand document with good case studies.’

Design 1-5 ha
Normand Park, a new park in Fulham – Kinnear Landscape Architects
Judges’ comments: ‘The judges were impressed and inspired by this fun and playful scheme, which had exceptional attention to detail and also established a distinctive sense of place.’


Sustainability Challenge London: Sustainable Cities Initiative, a project to identify the success factors in a sustainable city – Golder Associates (UK) Ltd
Judges’ comments: ‘In the Panel’s opinion this piece of work shows the unique contribution that Landscape architects can make to the essential subject of sustainable cities –they are a well deserved winner and an inspiration to others!’

Strategic Landscape Planning
Welsh Seascapes and their sensitivity to offshore developments, a study essential to the planning of the Welsh coastline – White Consultants
Judges’ comments: ‘This is a professional and timely piece of work. It places landscape architects in a critical position to help decision makers move forward on addressing critical issues associated with the provision of renewable energy.’
Student Portfolio
Claire Katherine Butlin, Edinburgh College of Art
Judges’ comments: ‘This was a beautiful and well-composed portfolio of projects that impressed the panel.’

Highly Commended
Katherine Jones, University of Gloucestershire
Judges’ comments: ‘The rigorous grasp and technical reports and research stood out in this submission.’

Hazel Newman, Kingston University
Judges’ comments: ‘A fantastic and sustainable design process in a portfolio that used diverse media.’

Katharine Jackson, University of Sheffield
Judges’ comments: ‘This submission was well expressed, particularly in terms of images and design ideas.’

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