Landscape architecture projects to visit in Minneapolis

I will attend the 2023 ASLA Landscape Conference in Minneapolis from 27-30 October 2023. I always look forward to exploring a new city and projects to experience designs I have published or seen online in person. The landscapes I have selected are of different scales, typologies and locations in the city to provide a variety and allow me to travel across the city to gain greater insights rather than staying close to the Conference venue. The following are five projects I am looking forward to seeing:

Peavey Plaza

Peavey Plaza, Minneapolis. Photo ©Barrett Doherty, courtesy The Cultural Landscape Foundation

The historic plaza was designed by landscape architect M. Paul Friedberg, and its renovation was completed in 2019 by Coen+Partners, Fluidity Design and Tillett Lighting. Saved from the wrecking ball in 2012 by The Cultural Landscape Foundation and Preservation Alliance of Minnesota, it will be interesting to experience the plaza, amphitheater and of course, the fountain. Google Map Link

Walker Art Center & Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Image Credit: Paul Crosby – Courtesy of ASLA

There are several landscapes I wish to visit at the Walker Art Center, including the Wurtele Upper Garden designed by Inside | Outside + HGA (ASLA 2018 Award winner), and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden’s numerous sculptures, including the world-famous sculpture – Spoonbridge and Cherry. If you wish to visit the Art Center, know it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Google Map Link

Westminster Presbyterian Church Fellowship Courtyard and Memorial Columbarium

Photo: PAUL CROSBY, Paul Crosby Architectural Photography – Courtesy of COEN+Partners

An ASLA Award-winning project (2009) that surrounds a church. I look forward to visiting this contemporary landscape and its response to the church and seeing how resilient the landscape is after 14 years of Minnesota weather. Google Map Link

Nicollet Mall

Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN – Photo by Barrett Doherty, 2021, courtesy The Cultural Landscape Foundation

An urban landscape was designed by Field Operations in 2014 after winning the commission to redesign Nicollet Mall and they stated at the time, “The new design retains the signature and defining curved street from Lawrence Halprin’s vision while re-calibrating the Mall toward even greater social and pedestrian ends.“. Downtown pedestrian malls play an important role in the city to bring people together and create the possibility for formal and informal programs. I look forward to walking the mall at various times during the conference to see it during the day and night. Google Map Link

University of Minnesota – Minneapolis Campus

University of Minnesota, Bruininks Hall, Landscape – Image Courtesy of HGA

The Minneapolis Campus is a large university landscape that dates back to the late 1800s and early 1900s, with architecture from the past to the more contemporary, including the Weisman Art Museum designed by Frank Gehry. The landscape also represents different eras of campus, which are often interesting to explore to see how the heritage landscape and more contemporary landscapes intertwine. Google Map Link

Meet the Editor – Damian Holmes – Editor of World Landscape Architecture (WLA)

I will also be at the Expo at the Meet the Editor stand on Saturday, 28 October, 12-1 pm and Sunday, 29 October, 1-2 pm. Sign up for a timeslot to meet me to pitch a project or article.

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