Landscape Architecture is not about pretty gardens, flowers and fountains

Malinda Seneviratne of the Sunday Island has written a great piece about Landscape Architects. She wrote the article after she met some landscape architects recently. Malinda interviews some practitioners, educators and the founding member of the recently formed Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects.

An interesting article overall that gives a good insight into how Sri Lankans landscape architects and educators see landscape architecture.

Go to the article at Sunday Island – Landscape Architecture is not about pretty gardens, flowers and fountains

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  1. We too are very proud of his (Malinda’s)very inspiring article and even the Hon.Dinesh Gunawardena, minister of Urban Development and sacred area development who was instrumental in establishing the Sri Lanka Institute of Landscape Architects(SLILA) too quoted his article in the keynote address of the Inauguration of the SLILA that was held on 13th August.

    Malinda really did not have any idea of what the role of the Landscape architect should be in the present Sri Lankan context when i invited him to interview us and two inspiring hours with us and his skillful journalism was the backdrop of this wonderful piece of work !

    Sanka Wimaladharma,
    Landscape Architect,
    Founder member (SLILA)

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