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WATERLILY Design Studio is a creative and enthusiastic oversea investment landscape design company. We focus on creating a combination of aesthetics and pragmatism, breaking the limits of art and visual sense to bring great experience that suitable for certain projects for customers. 

Landscape Architects
Job requirements:

  1. Graduated from architecture design, landscape design, environmental art, urban planning, etc., with a Bachelor’s degree or above;
  2. With more than four years of work experience, independently design landscape projects of general scale and level;
  3. Complete the overall design under the instruction of design director;
  4. Ability to independently analyze the characteristics of the project and propose innovative design styles and design methods;
  5. Effectively present projects and propose solutions to professional and technical problems;
  6. Skills in using CAD, Photoshop, Rhino, Sketchup and other related design software.

Associate Landscape Architect

1. Bachelor’s degree or above, major in architecture and landscape planning; with more than 1-year working experience; love design and have a strong interest in landscape design;
2. Skills in using PS, CAD, SKETCHUP, and other related design software.
3. Mainly responsible for following up on the landscape design project, responsible for collecting, summarizing, sorting and creating the daily archives;
4. Assist the chief designer in completing the preliminary data collection and design;
5. Deepening of the program, text writing, and coordination of the construction site in the later period

For job opportunities, please send your portfolio to [email protected]

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