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West of Cologne the RWE trust is creating the biggest open brown coal pit in Europe. The mine will be open until 2050 and will reach a depth of 400 meters below the existing surface level. The remaining hole will be filled with groundwater until 2100, thus becoming the second largest inland lake in Germany.
In 2009 landscape architect Dirk Melzer won the international competition to design the  landscape park for the new info centre “Forum Terra Nova”.  The concept of the park and the view point at the edge of the pit
are strictly referred to the new lake, that will be finished in 2100.
The parks design is shaped by the following elements:
 A “pier” or “landing stage” built of 343 dark concrete planks and a length of 75 meters.
An artificial dune landscape made of sand and gravel.
Big “grass benches”, according to the facade of the info centre that is made of earth-coloured concrete layers.
A view point, designed as a slipway for boats.
Parasols, produced of steel and designed as lamps to illuminate the view point.
Deck chairs, also made of steel, that stay at the view point during the winter, as well as the parasols.
Floor plates for the terrace of the info centre in a size of 1 m x 3 m, made of dark concrete.
There are already bollards, not for real ships actually, but for airships…maybe!
Text and Image Credit | Dirk Melzer
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