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Kerb is an annual cross-disciplinary design publication produced by the RMIT University School of Architecture and Design has put out the Call for Submissions for the 24th edition. Kerb is a progressive design journal focused on contemporary landscape architecture issues from an international and national perspective. The theme for this edition is “Territory”. Submissions close on Monday 9th of May, 12 midnight (AEST ).

An exploration of territorial notions and their spatial outcomes
Territory is not simply defined as the static backdrop or container of political actions. Nor is it the passive object of political struggle. It is something shaped by, and a shaper of, continual processes of transformation, regulation and governance (Elden, 2013)

In a globalized context, territorial boundaries exist as both rigid and malleable, negotiated through free trade agreements, foreign land ownership, and migration. While simultaneously becoming more defined through migration of people, the refugee crisis, environmental shifts, and the contested effort to claim ‘terra nullius’. Territories raise questions of scale, ideas of space, of ownership, a manifested projection of spatial division; an attempt to place order and control over a landscape. Illusions of control are however disproven through the effects of environmental, economic and migrational indeterminacy.

Kerb Journal 24 invites contributors to consider the relationship between how territories inform and are informed by an ongoing conversation between what exists, how it is represented and what is made. Questioning representation as the catalyst for territorial conditioning, a contextual understanding and production of edges, borders, site, state and nations. We welcome contribution from students, academics and practitioners within design and related fields, such as landscape, architectural and digital design, the visual arts, cartography, literature, and areas of environmental and political science.

Elden, S. (2013). How should we do the history of territory? Territory, Politics, Governance, 1(1), 5-20.

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