Kai Tak Fantasy Competition Winner announced

Kai Tak Fantasy Competition Winner Healthy Lift Off 1

Mr. Paul Chan, Secretary for Development and Head Juror of the Kai Tak Fantasy International Ideas Competition, announced the results at the Award Ceremony on 14 November 2014. Upon the thorough consideration by the Jury Panel during the final adjudication, Entry C Kai Tak 2.0: Healthy Lift Off (啟德 2.0: 健康啟航) was selected as the winning entry.

“We propose a new healthy development strategy that benefits Hong Kong, creates balanced socio-economic systems, and improves our natural ecologies of landscape, water, and habitats. The scheme promotes a new urban model that incorporates the global within the local, nature within the urban, and the social within our economy.” Kai Tak 2.0: Healthy Lift Off (啟德 2.0: 健康啟航) Team
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Kai Tak will ‘lift off’ once again with new urban and social vigor to become a global brand, with local/global cultures and ecological sensitivities. The identity of Kai Tak Healthy City and its new development eco-event-islands (one main island and archipelago of 20) will become a symbol of active and healthy events 24/7 and 365 days a year. With the onging urban regeneration of East Kowloon and massive
influx of tourists to Hong Kong, the upcoming challenges to infrastructure, venue capacities, environmental impact and social integration can be surmounted by a healthy development approach – one that is inclusive, diverse, flexible, people-friendly, creative and ecological – thereby creating an urban environment for a healthier, happier, innovative, integrated and prosperous community in Hong Kong.Kai Tak Healthy City will complement other large waterfront development initiatives, such as West Kowloon Cultural District and Central Waterfront Park – to enhance Hong Kong harbourfront reputation as a world-class destination and key to Hong Kong’s brand equity, Victoria Harbor being its most valuable natural asset.

Landscape Masterplan
Green-Blue infrastructure systems both on land and water underpin our Masterplan. A landscape loop frames the waterfront accessible 24/7
with floating islands, wetlands, boardwalks and parks.

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Kai Tak 2.0: Healthy Lift Off (啟德 2.0: 健康啟航) Team |

  • Md Masudul Islam (Team Leader)
  • Chen Ziyi
  • Li Jiayi
  • Li Ling Pei
  • Natalia Echeverri
  • Wang Yali
  • Wu Yi Fei

Jury Report on Entry C

“The Jury Panel is impressed by this innovative and attractive scheme with a green and sustainable concept that send out a clear message to the public. The natural treatment of the water edge is particularly encouraging. The Jury Panel agrees that this is the only entry that has consider keeping the water clean by tidal flushing action, possibly making the apparently otherwise largely dead water body alive and

The Entry is successful in creating a unique place with a big idea. Among all entries, it fares the best in branding Kai Tak Fantasy, creating an identity in place making and synergising with the neighbourhood.
The scheme has translated the Healthy City concept in full by creating venues, like new channel, curvilinear shoreline seamlessly integrated into the land for uses for health, culture, education and commercial. The Jury Panel opines that while West Kowloon is cultural, the scheme has given Kai Tak a potential to become a water sports centre because of its interesting shoreline. As a result, the West and East Kowloon will become two very unique new life style for people in Hong Kong.

The Jury Panel further opines that, certain improvements still need to be made when this entry is further developed. These shall include developing a controlled water body for water sports, improving the architecture design and creating a bicycle friendly place. Further, there shall be more integration between the building proposed and the green open space created.”

Images | Kai Tak 2.0: Healthy Lift Off (啟德 2.0: 健康啟航) Team
Text | Kai Tak 2.0: Healthy Lift Off (啟德 2.0: 健康啟航) Team and

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