International Idea for action | Kaohsiung Taiwan | Maxthreads Architectural Design and Planning


Kaohsiung city is facing Industrial transformation more than ever, due to demographic changes in the wake of the international tourism, the waterfront becomes vital for changing Kaohsiung’s economics and the way of metro inhabitant.


More than 10 years planners are contesting the actual waterfront within the Lover River area. The erratic urban sprawl and international tourisms still conflicts the use of water and water crossing. The project introduces its mass movement of water crossing and dedicates a separation between port industry and its sprawl urbanism in which gives the most important identity of Kaohsiung city.




The master plan is driven by the articulation of view points and district centres. The overall restriction on the roof height in different districts produces a series of differentiated metro skyline. These functions both are conceived as primary circulatory infrastructure and as the Zoning strategy. The mechanism of the building height and population density becomes negotiating tools that maximise its city view to the waterfront. Whilst this strategy used convoys Cijin and Kaohsiung city centre as a case study, the strategy can be applied to the whole of the waterfront area which extends to the south of the Kaohsiung city.

International Idea for action | Kaohsiung Taiwan | Maxthreads Architectural Design and Planning

Competition Organisers: Bureau of Development Kaohsiung City Government, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Company Name: Maxthreads Architectural Design and Planning

Project Title: Self-Sustaining Future city

Design Area: 7,800 Acres

Project Team:

Max Yang

Wayne Chen

Christabel Lee

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