Ink, Residential Cultural Display Pavilion | Xiamen, China | GVL (Gossamer) 怡境国际

Ink, Residential Display Pavilion as part of The Jimei Residential Village is located on the fringes of Xiamen City nestled within the scenic mountain ranges. The development is founded in a region steeped in Chinese calligraphy culture and tradition, the pavilion is intended to convey this essence and form a cultural repository for visitors and local residents.

The concept of the pavilion and gardens is influenced by the illusory historical figure – Ms. Wei – and her famous book on calligraphy called the Bi Zhèn Tú: the Maps of Calligraphy. Taking inspiration from this, the designers created full moon doorways, mirror ponds, carved beams, rock sculptures, artworks and the central feature, a finely crafted Koi-Pond Oculus. The designers worked in a highly compositional manner – the interplay of views, movement and the embedded narrative of the project were deeply important in creating a strong sense of other-worldliness. The use of dark elements such as black powder coated steel, black bamboo, dark granite and slate were intentional in alluding to the black ink of calligraphy.

As one walks through the pavilion, elements infer and reflect the local calligraphy culture. Meandering through the garden, visitors come across lines of poetry, arrangements of painterly trees and stones as well as linen prints of historical events along the pavilion walls. Coming to the center of the garden is the Koi-Pond Oculus. As visitors make their way through the garden and into the basement level, they may look back up and through the pond to see the silhouettes of Koi swimming through the sky. This dramatic feature is a contemporary meditation on traditional Chinese Fish Ponds and acts as the central feature that visitors oscillate around.

As a local and regional attraction, the Xiamen Cultural Display Pavilion is a valuable addition to the new residential development. Creating a memorable landscape experience as well as a place of history and culture for the community, the pavilion is a worthy addition to the city’s built landscape.

Ink, Residential Cultural Display Pavilion | Xiamen, China | GVL (Gossamer) 怡境国际

Photography | GVL (Gossamer)

Winner of the 2019 WLA Awards – Award of Excellence – Built Residential category

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