IFLA Advisory Circle provides hope for the future

On Day 2 of the World Design Summit in Montreal, I had the privilege of presenting at the World Design Summit as part of the IFLA Advisory circle along with four other members presenting our ideas for hope and positivity for the future of landscape architecture.

Diane Menzies started the presentation with a traditional First Nation peoples welcome. I presented an overview of current trends including Research and Prototyping, Resilient Landscapes and Climate Adaptation using case studies from PEG Landscape Architects, Turenscape and OKRA.

Hal Moggridge followed with positive reasons about water and conservation from his past experience and soon to launch book Slow Growth. Hal’s ideas included ‘The future is now recognised to evolve from the past and its peoples.’, ‘Interprofessional co-operation is becoming standard practice’ and ‘Nature conservation has become fundamental in all land-based projects.’

Daniel Roehr (SALA UBC) presented ideas relating to “infrastructure to manage stormwater threats in many cities worldwide becoming increasingly expensive to build or repair, the design community needs to look at alternative approaches. Living roofs present an opportunity to compliment ground-level stormwater control measures and contribute to a holistic, integrated urban water management system.” He also spoke of how we need to make the public aware of the issues and how they can benefit from environmental infrastructure solutions such as living roofs.

Diane Menzies provided the audience with recent work by indigenous people and the governments to increase the involvement and voice of the Maori people in policy and projects in New Zealand. She also provided recent projects were the indigenous people were involved such as the Ōtāhuhu Train Station and Te Oro Music and Arts Center in Auckland.

Kathryn Moore – IFLA President also outlined the role of Advisory Circle and what they seek to achieve.

“The IFLA Advisory Circle provides expert insight and thought leadership on national, regional and international developments which directly or indirectly concern landscape architecture.  The Circle also monitors and coordinates the dissemination of key position statements and advice from our members, friends, and partners to landscape architects around the world.”

The audience provided feedback to the Advisory Circle during the Question and Answer session as well as notes left for the members to review and respond in future,


Feature Image – Daniel Roehr presenting on Day 2 at World Design Summit 2017 in Montreal. (Image Credit – Damian Holmes)

Article written by Damian Holmes


Damian Holmes is the founder and Editor of WLA. He is also a registered Landscape Architect of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects and has over 15 years experience and is a member of the IFLA Advisory Circle.