Huizhi High-tech Mixed-use Therapy Park | Antao

This project aims to encourage people who suffer from mental illness due to the high pressure of repeating work and life to temporarily escape from the growing tension, to think out of the box, to break the office walls, to enjoy the public landscape which flows between cold towers and to regain the energy. Accordingly, connecting all these mosaic outdoor spaces into a meandering voyage not only horizontally but also vertically was an overarching principle of the project. Three major recreational spaces at different heights provide opportunities for people to regain mental wellness in a physical-physiological way.

Pixel Plaza

The arriving plaza stitches the project to the pixelated urban fabric which enhance the connection between city and the site. The red loudspeaker installation is an eye-catching landmark to encourage people to sing their heart out, to release their inner passion. Also, the loudspeaker can interact with wave water feature on the lower level to encourage people step into and play with it. In vertical way visitors can be lifted by steps and excavators smoothly, to get accesses into different retail levels, at the same time they would enjoy difference views of the plaza. People always can find a suitable spot, no matter if they want to play like stars on the stage, or just applaud as audience sitting on the edge.

Waving Ground

The center core of this project. This center plaza can be flexible and used for crowds. The waving topography is playable while also providing multi private spaces for visitors to get refuge. We also take rain-harvesting into consideration, to collect and purify in the center waving area. Along with the changes in time, trees produced corresponding seasonal change, beautiful surrounding would help dopamine generating, which gives people a sense of safety.

Wormhole Jump

The rooftop sports field. Spiral lifting stairs just like is an emotional sign of endorphin, which helps people to step higher and participate in sports, finally regain courage and self-confidence. The colors and sinage of the flexiable court are also designed to affect visitors shifting mind and igniting inner fire.

Huizhi High-tech Mixed-use Therapy Park

Landscape Architect: Antao

Landscape Team: Zhu Wei,Pan Gefei,Guo Ce,Zheng Jing,Jiang Jingyi,Xu Weiye,Xuan Wuhong
Client: Hangzhou Xiaoshan Chengxiang Old City Reconstruction Investment Co., Ltd. Company Role on Project: Landscape Architect
Architect: Shanghai PTArchitects
Sculpture Artist: AHAart

Images Credit: Antao

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