How you can contribute to Landscape Architecture in 2015

With the first month of 2015 coming to a close and you’ve caught up on holiday email, the status of your projects and now you know your workload for the year; this is a great time of year to start looking at how you can help promote the passion you have have dedicated your life to – landscape architecture.

Here are some of the easy ways you can increase the profile of landscape architecture.

Go Local
There is a wide range of events and projects that occur at a local, city and regional level that you can be involved in as a citizen, but also as a landscape architect to provide your knowledge and expertise. Although we all get involved in our own project design charettes, it is also worthwhile attending local/regional community meetings for engineering, architecture and environmental projects to give the landscape architects view that could improve the design quality and overall outcome of a project in your community or city.

Join and Participate
Your regional or country landscape architecture professional organisation(such as ASLA, AILA, CSLA, LI, HKILA, NZILA, SILA, ILAM, TALA etc) are always looking for new members. You don’t have to be a registered or qualified landscape architect to join, there are often various membership levels (friend, associate, student) that allow you to join and participate in your professional organisation. After joining make sure to attend events or volunteer your time to help out at an event or join a committee.

Publish your work
The easiest way to help landscape architecture is to promote your work within your neighbourhood, town, city, country and across the world. Often the greatest issue that landscape architecture faces is a lack of recognition landscape architecture deserves because people don’t understand what it is that we do. Thus, by publishing your work online or in print with your local or regional newspaper, blog or magazine you can increase the profile of landscape architecture. Also there is a growing number of architecture, landscape architecture, and design blogs and magazines willing to publish your projects that can raise the profile of landscape architecture within other design professions. Remember you can  submit your projects WLA at anytime. 

Join the conversation
Publicising landscape architecture online is as easy as posting a photo of your project on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, etc) so your friends, colleagues, and allied professionals can have a greater understanding of what landscape architects do and create. You can also join in the conversation by tweeting and responding to the #landarch and #landscapearchitecture hashtags or by joining landscape, architecture, engineering, planning, urbanism groups or pages on Facebook and Linkedin.

Share Your Knowledge
Community Groups, Schools, Universities are often looking for landscape architects to assist in classes including design studios, design critiques, professional days and mentoring. Often the best way to help the profession is to help those who are interested in, learning or just beginning in the profession.

Spread the love
Make sure to like, share and talk to people about landscape architecture and also read, praise, and share the work of architects, engineers, scientists, designers and artists.

Pay it Forward
We often forget that we are lucky to be part of a profession that allows us to enjoy our work years into the future, even spending just a few minutes a day on social media, or an hour or two a month promoting landscape architecture to a wider audience can help grow the profession and raise its profile.

Damian Holmes is the Founder and Editor of World Landscape Architecture and a registered landscape architect always looking to increase the visibility and knowledge within and outside the landscape architecture profession.