Grand green vision for S.F.’s Parkmerced

The owners of San Francisco’s Parkmerced want to add nearly 5,700 homes to the World War II-era rental housing complex, an ambitious renovation that could rank as one of the greenest in the country.

Over 20 years, the developer says, the minimum $1.2 billion project would take the 115-acre property off the power grid by employing wind turbines and other low-emission energy sources, slash water consumption through improved plumbing and recycling, and halve tenants’ automobile use by, among other things, adding public transportation options.

“I almost consider it a moral obligation in a project of this size to be responsible and do whatever we can do to help confront the problem of climate change,” said Craig Hartman, lead architect on the project and partner with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP.

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  1. I consider it a moral obligation to protect a national landmark from eco-green-greed-$$$$$ disguised as the city’s saviour… Parkmerced should be landmarked and density placed downtown… Parkmerced is the largest green rental community in SF, and is being targeted for densification and gentrification. See blog “Parkmerced A Modern Landscape Design” or the Parkmerced Residents Organization Website, keep the city human, and the city humane…

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