Google Earth 6 – now with 3D trees *UPDATE*

Millennium Park in Desktop version of Google Earth 6 (Click image for larger image)

Google has released the latest version of must have tool for every the landscape architect and urban designer – Google Earth 6.

*UPDATE* Yesterday we reported we were having difficulties with the Desktop version of Google Earth 6. Today, the ‘trees’ function appeared under the 3D buildings menu that was missing yesterday, so we have been flying around the world trying to find the new 3D trees as they are only in some locations such as Tokyo, Chicago, San Francisco, Athens, University of California(Davis),

The latest version includes:

3D Trees

Athens in Desktop version of Google Earth 6 (Click image for larger image)
Google Earth 3D Trees
Google Earth 3D Trees
Google Earth 3D Trees
California Academy of Sciences in Web Tour of Google Earth 6

3D Trees are now shown in Google Earth 6 as species specific with more than 50 different species of tree.  The trees appear in Google Earth from 2,000 feet/600 metres.  Currently there are only a few places across the world that have the trees included.

The other two functions include more integrated and user-friendly Street View(where available) than previous versions of Google Earth. Also Historical Data which often eluded many users now it is easily readable with a the oldest map data (year) for the location shown in the bottom under the scale bar on the left side.

Street View Integration
Street View Integration
Historical Data
Historical Data (Oldest Year)
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  1. why can’t everybody pitch in and put trees where they know it exists, this way it would be quick to plant the world, rather than have certain people do it. Am I missing here? just like in panoramio, where every one can put pictures in google earth.

  2. Are these trees available in Sketchup as well? I presume that program was made to create the tree view. It would be very useful to have them, sorted by name/ tree type ! A function Sketchup was missing until now!

  3. Are these trees also available in sketchup? I presume that’s how Google made them. It would be very useful to have them in all the varieties described, ordered by tree type/name ! That is something Sketchup missed until now!

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