Gardens of Diversity | Lausanne Switzerland | Zambrano+Añaños.


We understand the garden as a place where the diversity of Lausanne takes place. A flowerpot prototype where the varieties of plants planted according with the origin of Lausanne people grow up together. International Biodiversity for national belonging. A public space uprooted, integrated, aerial and symbolic, a common ground of our origins and our future in the city of Lausanne. A public place of respect where differences are reduced to a single location, on a unique land.






A pulleys and counterweight system built into a hexagonal structure of 150cm side, brings interaction between the visitor s and the flowerpots. The user will discover different varieties of plants from immigrant’s communities in Lausanne in a balance game that will offer the opportunity to learn about their neighbors.



The second floor of the structure will have an air garden with tropical and alpine plants, each one with its own identity and properties, all joined and connected by the grid, like outstretched hands.

The project goal is to give back to the community from this abandoned terrace. Here we recreate intimacy under the arbor and a break time in the city, offering to the residents a visual comfort.
The frame consists of 5cm diameter tubes connected by prefabricated parts. The hexagonal geometry ensures the rigidity of the assembly in a material saving and modular construction. Some fixed pulleys on the structure allow counter balance system.

Gardens of Diversity | Lausanne Switzerland | Zambrano+Añaños.

Designers | Eduardo Zambrano, Elizabeth Añaños, Peru
Status |  Contest, Finalist.
Year | 2013
IMAGE & TEXT CREDIT  | Zambrano+Añaños.


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