Fishpond City | Xian China | Lu Yang, Christian Lindle, Raoul Bukor


The Chinese hotspots of turbo urbanization have shifted: the large construction sites, engines of economic growth have moved inland to the large provincial capitals, like Xi‘an in Shaanxi. Literally thousands of high rises and shopping centers grow simultaneously, nerved by wide boulevards.


Vienna based artists Raoul Bukor and Christian Lindle in cooperation with Beijing based artist Lu Yang emerged themselves into this radical change of space by erecting a city themselves: Fishpond City – a city for fish. This permanent installation is a true to scale model of a future district of Xi‘an and located right next to the construction site.




Fishpond City | Xian China | Lu Yang, Christian Lindle, Raoul Bukor

Designers | Lu Yang, Christian Lindle, Raoul Bukor
Support | Clemens Schneider
Images Credit | Clemens Schneider & Christian Lindle, Raoul Bukor.

Permanent installation; 56 glass boxes, 8,300 litres water, 1,500 goldfish, 29 multicolor-LEDs, 3,400 litres biological filter substrate, 50 portraits