EVENTS | March 2014

There are plenty of upcoming events in March across the world including conferences, lectures, seminars and more.

LABASH2014 | March 27-29 | Madison USA
LAbash is an annual landscape architecture conference hosted each year since 1970 by a different university in North America. The three-day conference features design workshops, lectures from professors & professionals, charrettes, and numerous networking events. 

2014 CELA CONFERENCE | March 26-29 | Baltimore USA
LAYERS: Landscape, City, and Community. Cities all over the world are experiencing pressures that come along with increasing urbanization. How can design, planning, management, and research professionals build a body of knowledge on how to restore, invigorate and transform communities and cities?

11th Annual Urban Design Conference – Density in Place: Design Works | March 7 | Raleigh USA

Ecobuild 2014 | March 4-6 | London UK

4 March | Michael Hough/OALA Visiting Critic Lecture | Kathryn Gustafson | University of Toronto

5 March | A Country of Cities – Building Hyperdensity and Civic Delight | Vishaan Chakrabarti | UNSW

10 March | Rahul Mehrotra | University of British Columbia

11 March | LandGSD and IndiaGSD Lecture: Aneesha Dharwadker MDes ’12, “City of Edges: A History of Spatial Paradigms in Delhi” | Harvard GSD

11 March | Alan J. Plattus: ‘New Paradigms of Urban Design: Itineraries, Infrastructure, Infill’ | University of Hong Kong – Shanghai Study Centre

11 March How can we create functional rural landscapes fit for the future? | Bristol UK | Landscape Institute

17 March | Geoff Manaugh | Landscape Futures | Penn Design

17 March |  A Better Future for Melbourne: What’s your Vision? | Melbourne Australia
Speakers include: Lord Mayor of the City of  Melbourne  and Adjunct Professor Robert McGauran

27 March | Daniel Janzen |  Biodiversity: Use it or Lose It | Penn Design

25 March 2014 | How will the digital revolution affect the urban landscape? |  London UK | Landscape Institute

Later in the 2014

May 6-7 2014 | Middle East Smart Landscape Summit | Dubai UAE

May 29-31 |  CSLA Annual Congress | Ottawa Canada 

June 25-27 | IFLA 51st World Congress | Buenos Aires Argentina

September 25-27  | 8th European Biennale | Barcelona Spain

16-19 October | Festival of Landscape Architecture | Brisbane Australia