Dutch Dikes launched by co-founders of LOLA Landscape Architects


Eric-Jan Pleijster, Cees van der Veeken the co-founders of LOLA Landscape Architects have launched Dutch Dikes, a complete overview of the Netherlands’ most important invention: the dike. Based on the first map of dikes in the Netherlands, the dikes are characterised, explained and categorised in all their diversity. In addition, the book features a surplus of dike anecdotes and in-depth portrayals of 40 of the 100 most remarkable Dutch dikes. The authors show the technical, cultural and historical sides of the dikes, as well as a glimpse of the future: the Dutch dikes as the parks of the twenty-first century.

Eric-Jan Pleijster wrote the text for Dutch Dikes and coordinated the book’s research and production. Dutch Dikes’ co-author Cees van der Veeken has been involved with dikes since LOLA’s inception.


What would the Netherlands be without dikes? One thing is certain: it would not exist in its current form. Knowledge and practice about building and maintaining dikes together in one overview is the main result of the research. This knowledge contributes to the Delta Plan and has got a couple of firsts: the dike map, showing the location of the Dutch Dikes and their role in the network, flood defence or not.


Dutch Dikes
Eric-Jan Pleijster, Cees van der Veeken (LOLA landscape architects)
€ 49.50 | publication date: 12 December 2014
ISBN 978-94-6208-151-2 | English | hardcover | 344 p | 24.5 x 32.5 cm

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